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Free Webinar For Accounting Professionals:

The Top 7 Cyber Security Risks For Accounting Firms (And How To Eliminate Them)

What You'll Learn On This Free Webinar:

This practical online Webinar with Accounting Cyber Security Expert Jamie Beresford reveals the top cyber security risks facing accounting and bookkeeping firms today, so you can proactively guard against them:

  • RISK #1: How the average accounting professional manages their passwords in real life (and how this leaves your firm massively exposed)
  • RISK #2: The counter-intuitive reason why stronger security in cloud applications leads to weaker security practices.
  • RISK #3: The sneaky “password reset” trick that bad actors can use to circumvent existing controls.
  • RISK #4: Outsourcing and offshoring are becoming more common...but many firms lack the added security controls they need. (We show you what’s missing).
  • RISK #5: How onboarding/offboarding complexity inevitably leads to a growing number of security holes.
  • RISK #6: You’ve heard of SaaS. Now meet PhaaS, or “Phishing as a Service”, the low-cost Dark Web facility hackers use to sniff out security gaps.
  • RISK #7: The common “compliance gap” that PI insurers are using to wriggle out of data breach claims, and what you need to do to plug it.

Each of the Top 7 Risks is accompanied by real-life examples AND specific steps to take to mitigate your exposure.

About The Presenter: Jamie Beresford

Jamie Beresford is the founder and CEO of Practice Protect, an integrated suite of cyber security software, compliance documents, team training and certification that enables accounting firms to secure and control their sensitive client data and work efficiently in a cloud-first world.

Jamie has an IT services background and has been building and managing IT service capabilities since 2003. It was through working with accounting firm clients that he recognised the need for a comprehensive Cyber Security and Cloud Control solution.